Dive into Success with Seymour's "Learn to Swim" Program!

At Seymour’s Swim School, we’re passionate about guiding your child on a comprehensive swimming journey that goes beyond just staying afloat. Our “Learn to Swim” program, tailored for children aged 2 and above, is a dynamic experience designed to progress young swimmers from the basics to mastering the art of the four essential strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Private Lessons

For those requiring additional support, Seymour’s Swim School offers private lessons. Our one-on-one teaching approach ensures that your child receives focused guidance tailored to their individual needs. Whether your child is a beginner or looking to refine specific skills, our private lessons provide the opportunity for accelerated progress and confidence building in the water.


Building a Foundation

In our half-hour weekly lessons, your child will start with the fundamentals — blowing bubbles, mastering kicks, and developing water confidence. This foundational phase is crucial in instilling a love for the water and establishing the core skills that pave the way for a successful swimming journey.


Flexibility for Busy Parents

We understand the demands of your busy schedule. That’s why our “Learn to Swim” program offers the convenience of various lesson times throughout the week. You have the flexibility to choose a schedule that seamlessly integrates with your family’s routine, making it easier than ever to embark on the exciting adventure of learning to swim.

Mixed-Level Classes with a Purpose

Our small class sizes of up to four children allow for individualised attention, fostering a supportive environment where swimmers progress at their own pace. As your child gains confidence and proficiency, they’ll transition from foundational skills to mastering the four strokes. Our mixed-level approach proves invaluable during this journey, as beginners learn from advanced swimmers and vice versa, creating a collaborative and motivating atmosphere.

Mastering the Four Strokes

Under the guidance of our expert instructors, your child will evolve from blowing bubbles and basic kicks to mastering the four essential swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Our progressive curriculum ensures that each child receives the necessary guidance and practice to excel in these fundamental techniques.

Advancement to "Squad" Level

When your child has demonstrated proficiency in the four strokes, our instructors will evaluate their readiness for the next step — the “Squad” level. This advanced stage marks a significant achievement and prepares swimmers for more specialised training and challenges.

Enrol your child in Seymour’s “Learn to Swim” program, where we build a foundation that evolves into a mastery of the essential swimming strokes. Join us in creating a community of young swimmers progressing through stages of aquatic discovery with skill and confidence!

Seymour's "Squad" Program: Elevate Your Swim Skills

Welcome to Seymour’s Swim School’s “Squad” program, a specialised offering for advanced swimmers seeking a more challenging and focused swimming experience.

Advanced Endurance Building

In “Squad,” we elevate your swim game by focusing on building advanced endurance. Dive into progressively longer distances, enhancing stamina and preparing you for extended swims.

Refining Stroke Techniques

Our experienced instructors fine-tune the details of each stroke, ensuring precision and efficiency. From butterfly kicks to streamlined freestyle positions, we’re dedicated to refining your technique.

Dynamic Drills and Specialised Training

Engage in dynamic drills and specialised training sessions designed to challenge and improve specific aspects of your strokes. Personalised feedback from our instructors guides you towards continuous growth.
Enrol in Seymour’s “Squad” program and elevate your swim skills to new heights. Join us in this exciting stage of the swimming journey, where every lap brings you closer to reaching your full aquatic potential.

Seymour's "Mums and Bubs" Program: Early Water Adventures

Enrol in Seymour’s “Mums and Bubs” program for a splash of early water adventures and the beginning of a lifetime of water enjoyment.

Parent-Child Bonding in the Water

Join us at Seymour’s Swim School for our “Mums and Bubs” program, a delightful introduction to water for children under 2. Strengthen the parent-child bond through shared water adventures every Wednesday at 9am and 9:30am, and Thursdays at 9am. This program fosters early comfort and confidence in the water.

Guardian Participation for Security

In these interactive sessions, a guardian joins their little one in the water, creating a secure and positive environment. Through play-based activities, we build a foundation for future water experiences, making each splash a joyful moment.